Katie and "Big Jake"- bCH PTD Zion's Sand Nobel Arrestordre

 The father of this wonderful litter is "Big Jake", a smooth coated, solid black, DNB with Med.-Hard Temperament. We have 8 puppies, 4 boys & 4 girls. Only two are grey sables like their mom, the rest are dark duals & bi-duals.

                       Baby Kate                                                       Baby Jake

  Just arrived....1 day old

                                               Ready or not....Here we come!

The Puppies have arrived!

Puppy Pics at 2 wks.

Puppy Pics at 4 wks.

                                                         Puppy Pics at 5 wks. 

Puppy Pics at 6 wks.

LER pics (Jake & Katie meet for the 1st time!)

Kaiser (Orange Boy)-Oklahoma



         Max (Green Boy) - Texas


   Black Wolf (Red Boy)- 0regon


Batman (Yellow Boy)- Oklahoma

 BJ (Blue Girl) - Oklahoma

Moriah (Rainbow Girl)- Missouri

Lucia (Pink Girl)- Oklahoma

Junebug (Lime Girl)- Oklahoma

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